We know how excited you are to get your cash back, so we do our best to have transactions show up as soon as possible! Earnings may take anywhere from a few minutes to 7 days to show up, depending on the type of card used and restaurant visited. Most Visa transactions come through within 10 minutes after purchase is made. American Express transactions typically take from 2-7 days to show up.

On a rare occasion, earnings may not show up in your Rewards21 account. First, check out the payment methods on the restaurant profile page to make sure the type of card you used is supported by the merchant. If it is accepted and it's been longer than 7 days, please email our friendly support department at support@rewards21.com so we can get you the cash back you deserve! Please include a picture of your receipt or any other processing information you might have (such as a screenshot of the transaction on your card statement that includes the last four digits of the card number you used). We'll look into it and contact your shortly!